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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Compendium of Comments- Part 4

* You drool at the moon from down here When u go to the moon, u drool at the beauty of the earth above ;) Thats life aint it? - Smyta

* Bombay toh jana hi hoga... I gotta kick your ass man... hopefully teri shaadi ki mandap par... dulhan dekhti reh jaayegi! :D - Sayesha to me

* Software enigneers sometimes make me all the more sure of the stupid world they belong to(I m one too...I spread stupidity in some other way..tht's all)!:-) - Smyta to Nitz

* Understanding men? I suggest you climb Mt Everest. Much easier !!! :)) - Silverline to Camphor.

* Smyta to CC:
It is so sweet of you to pour the words my way
Every single word is defnitely important to my day
Whether has been told before or not, it is indeed ur say
Even if words are few it was in a nice interplay
Just that keep celebrating life and be happy and gay
Life is but what me offer to it and what we pay.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Compendium of Comments- Part 3

(here are parts 1 & 2)

* giggling is one phenomenon that never leaves a girl, never mind her age! - Swathi

* all my life i was waiting for my perfect women but when I met her she was also looking for her perfect men! -tony to arunima

* i will marry the first one who agrees to marry me. i very strongly doubt tht such good things happen more than once. - Handa to arunima

* lado na please.get violent.scratch cheeks , pull hair , girl fight is nice - Abhi to nidhi and neetie

* Someday, I will have a fridge installed in my bedroom, just besides the bed, so that if I wake up at night, I can gorge on some goodies and get back to sleep with a smile on my lips - sunshinenjoy in a post.

* It will let me close my eyes and feel your presence within me, around me, beyond me. It will let me see that I am not me, and you are not you anymore, neither am I yours. But, I am you and you are me; we are indivisible, in this world and beyond - Arundhati in a post.

* Its (Love is) a four letter word indeed, but sacrifice is longer, and ego is smaller, take your pick! - Arundhati to Premjit

Saturday, November 12, 2005

flickr rocx

Had made flickr album long time back but only recently updated it with full heart. Can say I am falling all over again in love with flickr. Check some of the flicking if have done ;)

Extensive use of js and flash gives flickr a power of editing and online image pulishing, I've seen nowhere, be it xphotos, Yahoo! photos, photobucket . . . Intergrated social networking into image browsing makes flickr unique. They provide an internal index of interestingness to all images and show up nice random pics here!

Free account has as many advantages as you can think of. Pro account is gonna give god-knows-what!
Ohhhh I gotta stay back from it - spending too much time on flickr :(

Oh and blogger sucks- they put a very small word limit to your interests while editing profile- fkers dont even say the limit and when you type 4 dozen interests and save profile, they'll simply show half of them X( Check my profile if you have to, on flickr here and not on blogger!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Compendium of Comments- Part 2

refer here for part 1 of my comments' collection. As before don't whine :P

* u know wat, wen u talk of luking aweful in old snaps, im reminded of the way we girls had a constant competition as to who will wear a shorter skirt, just to 'look' cool ! (sounds stupid now, but it was so serious then! :p ) -- Aastha2Saz

* whatever nonsense you say to me is all taken in good spirit, my dear! Come on, I don't have to tell you that! :) - Saz to me {biatch again! I love you >:D< }

* one person's vulgarity is another's poetry. blogger guys! {did I ever disgust you with my vulgarity. . . err poetry? Try me ;)}

* If you want loong responses to mails, you must probably marry a blogger :)) - Sudipta to Gabby

* Because girls rarely share for input, they share because they can t hold it in. - Gabby in a post

* Yes the world's going crazy and it's not our fault! - Gabby to HiredGun {oh yeah i am reading a lot of Gabby!!! making up for all those missed months on her blog;) }

* Marriage doesnt freak out most girls.. but yes, most girls (consciously or not) like to act a lil pricey.I guess its like shopping... we always want the best deal. In the meantime, we dont mind window shopping ;) - Casablanca to Virdi

Monday, November 07, 2005

Afraid ??

from the inspirational book, Who Moved My Cheese?

Jo dar gaya so mar gaya!!- Gabbar ishtyle

Compendium of Comments- Part 1

A collection of interesting/amusing/insightful/thot-provoking/watever...... comments by fellow bloggers on other bloggers' postings :-) I am just a happy reader from afar ;)

These might NOT be verbatim . . . but while editing I am not gonna do away with the imbedded meaning ! Oh wat the heck they are for my own reading pleasure.
If I remember I'll mention the person who wrote the comments - If you dont wanna see any of ur comments here please lemme know. I will highlight them and display them better :P Ha ha ha !

Oh and if I have to say something (my comment on ur comment :P) I'll put that in {curly braces}.Happy reading :D

* Blogging,I think is the best boon of Internet(second only to google :-) and thanks Red for making it more interesting for ur regular readers. - Vandy2red on red's blog

* Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person, is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.

* A modern girl . . . http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/30/magazine/30feminism.html?incamp=article_popular

* We are often very loath to come away from the comfort level that we organize for ourselves...

* I guess she is feeling very lost. . . since she had her life mapped out to the T and one little flicker and she is scared to start all over again. . . . She must realise that it is her life and circumstances does not build her life. . she builds the circumstances... SIGH...yet another lesson to learn..

* Sometimes a partner who has betrayed you is easier to forget THAN the pain of not having THAT person ur partner anymore! In every relationship there is one person who loves more than the other person loves.

* One bridge crossed by her alone doesn't mean he won't be there on other bridges. Sometimes we have to walk on our own- he might have just not realised she needed him that badly and would make such an "UGLY" scene out of it. In fact this could be a great lesson and he'll surely learn a lot from it- dont u agree with me that we men are soo goddamn FOOLISH when it comes to see unsaid things with girls :-S

-urs truly to gratisgab

* kiss seeee yaad aayya...u were in my dreams yesterday n we were kissing for HOURS!!!!!!!! thats how much of good kisser u were!!!:"> -- someone to me :>

* You don't HAVE a normal grin, my dear! ;) -Saz to me. {biatch :P}

with her, to her, for her

I love to do (or would love to):

* half the times tell her she is pretty cool (and I wanted to sit her on the dosa-wala’s hot plate- to heat her up;) ), rest of the time tell her she is pretty hot and heats me too.

* smell her hairs (donno how come sunsilk in my hairs stinks; or may be my wing-mates don’t have good olfactory senses!!). But her hairs washed with sunsilk are just….. perfumed silk!

* I love to talk to her about throwing her down her office building, trip her in a muddy ditch, or rip her carotid with my nails :D Forget about her, even for me its sometimes disgusting or gross but secretly she loves the way I “mis-handle” her!

* walking very close to her- touching her side. And I love it when with no deliberation from our sides, very unconsciously, our hands hold each other without we knowing it! And its just fingers sometimes, one of hers locked to one of mine :">

* giving her surprises…. Oh boy she hates it as much as she loves it! At times reaching to her unannounced, just in time before she leaves the place! Sometimes I am not so lucky so have to return back without getting to see her and although I hate myself those times (for not making it on time!) but its ok. Its life- shit happens sometimes!

* boast about her qualities 'n nature among my friends, even to didi :O and forcibly sending didi her photos saying she HAS TO convince my parents about her ;;)

* go to parks, sit with her, without talking for hours- just absorbing each others presence sitting hands in hands, as if trying to gauge each others feelings thru’ skin!

* pain her teasingly or scaring her to death with silly pranks and when she gets really mad saying she’ll eat me alive (!!) . . . .when she is extremely angry I love to kiss her telling her how much I love her :">

* make up silly, totally out of the world, pet names for her- with all the love in the world! (though she doesn't like any :-s ).

* I’d love to mug up all her favorite bands/songs and sing them to her as and when the occasion arises (if only I could have her fav. list. D'oh!)

* hang out with her when she is feeling low. Just walking or sitting hands in hands and just being there whatever way she wants.

* Stuff her with tons of cakes ‘n bakes, pastries ‘n pastas, soft drinks ‘n ice-creams *stupid grin*

* Go out with her without umbrellas and get ourselves drenched down to bones in a heavy downpour- I can only imagine how making love in rains might feel and it gives me goosebumps even to think abt it *blushing*

* Deliberately leave hickeies on her lips, hands, neck, ears or back for someone to see them and wonder what is she up to!

* oh and last but not the least, I love getting beaten up by her, so lovingly & so slightly as she does (I wish she would hit me more and with more force :"> ); to get eaten raw by her; to be pinched for the silly jokes I crack, for getting tickled for no reasons or for her silly made-up reasons; to get those "aankhiyon-se-goli-maare" looks at the gross things I say; and to get her permissions to do all the bird-watching I might want to indulge in (though I swear I dont!! I just look around & appreciate beauty, nature's art, good figures, curvy waists, nice asses, bouncing boobies, . . . . .shit were you noticing????? *nail biting* nahi jaan its not what it looks like, I was just... I mean..... pls suno to.. .. . ok ok plss dont kill me now, I was just being an average guy!)

. . . . and “I am loving it

current mood: shot beyond cloud nine!

current music: George Michael - I Want Your Sex :P

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Power of Love

Such is the power of love!

Proudly love smitten
And I am feeling all powerful :)