I Reckon Life

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Digital Lives

First there were those cameras with photographic rolls (the negatives), which needed dark-room developing -- it was costly -- papa never earned so much those days for us to own one of those.

We used to go to studios once in a blue moon to get a family portrait! We yearned for a way to capture every diwali, rakhi, pooja, shaadi, etc. on a reel. Sometimes the blurred away memories were frustrating. We wished to get clicked more often.

And then we grew up, got rich, digital revolution came and...
Now we have a 'digicam' & a 'handycam' to record every 'potential memory', to document every single day mischiefs of didi's daughter, to click and shoot anywhere and anything we want, that too without second thoughts of wasting a negative! Now no pics are so special which we'll frame and cherish for years to come [1,2]. Photographs have become just another file-formats!

That was then and this is now. We are still yearning...