I Reckon Life

Monday, October 10, 2011

Middle class

There are middle class people and then there are middle class people.
A conversation I had on train. Note that I am calling her a woman, not a lady!

woman: Which book are you reading?
me: (looking at her and assuming she wouldn't know Adobe Acrobat Pro) Some software book aunty.
woman: What is a software beta?
me: (dryly) It is a book on computers.
woman: (with a bright smile on her face) You must have done MCA.
me: (no expression for such an assumption) Engineering aunty.
woman: Where do you work in Noida?
me: Adobe.
woman: (still joyful) Oh Adobe. It is a factory in Sector 62, eh?
me: (irritated by now) No. Sector 25A.
woman: No! It is in Sector 62!
me: (WTF expression) Sector 25A.
woman: Where do you stay in Noida?
me: (getting tired of her interest in me) Sector 12.
woman: How much rent do you pay?
me: (saying fuck you in my mind) I gotta piss aunty.

These women are yet another reason why you'll find me sitting on the train door frequently!