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Friday, December 30, 2005

Aries & Leo

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Aries & Leo

When Aries and Leo come together in a love affair, the sparks will fly! Both are Fire Signs, passionate and dynamic, with a healthy love of sportsmanship and competition. There is a lot of action in this relationship. Both Signs want to be the boss and problems can arise when their equally-large egos get in the way. These partners have genuine admiration and respect for each other, but they need to learn to take turns commanding and giving orders -- even when they're only choosing a movie at the video store!

This partnership is all about fiery passion, domination and who's on top -- and when! Both Signs can be impatient and proud. Leo likes to be adored and their egos to be stroked, services which easily-bored Aries may not want to provide. Aries may also be bothered by Leo's flirtatious nature -- but this relationship is always exciting. Despite their sometimes noisy differences, Aries often looks to Leo as a guide or counselor. Leo is the Lion(ess!) and, with Leo, Aries can be the lamb. As in the myth (The Lion and the Lamb), any differences between these two can be overcome. Both Signs are usually respected by others and it's important that this respect exists within the relationship as well.

Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars and Leo is ruled by the Sun. Both are masculine energy archetypes, and together they make a good combination -- they understand each other because they're coming from the same place. The Sun is about the self and Mars is about aggressive energy, so they're highly compatible and can make a powerful team.

Both Aries and Leo are Fire Signs. This tends to be a very heated and passionate relationship. When it's good it's very, very good, but when it's bad it's all about loud arguments and damaged egos. In this partnership there's always competition as to who's in charge. Since a love relationship shouldn't be about power, this can become a problem. Both of these Signs have boundless energy, so both will always be on the go. Although they may disagree often, their differences of opinion don't last long -- Aries is too busy moving on to the next challenge to hold a grudge. Leo needs to remember not to be resentful if their Aries lover doesn't show them enough respect.

Aries is a Cardinal Sign and Leo is a Fixed Sign. Aries gives Leo the assertiveness to charge ahead and take chances, while Leo can help teach Aries to stabilize and follow things through. Aries may sometimes hurt Leo's feelings by saying something hurtful without thinking. Conversely, Aries may be irritated by Leo's bossy nature and tendency to sulk. But they're both loyal and care about each other deeply, and when they can understand there doesn't have to be a boss, their relationship can be exciting bliss.

What's the best aspect of the Aries-Leo relationship? The mutual admiration both Signs share for one another. With Aries as the initiator and Leo as the one who follows through, they both have their integral niche within the partnership. Their mutual energy and passion makes theirs a dynamic relationship.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

My kind II

here is My Kind I.
looking more for a personality, less for a person!!!

Worrying* proposals invited: Wanted a guardian angel in human disguise. intellectually strong and philosophically independent. Witticism, high grasping power, infinite learning capacity are must. pre-learnt lessons and wisdom are not a requirement at all. but a strong desire to grow and learn together is what is considered ideal by me. need to be curious as a cat and faithful as a dog. should value her freedom more than anything else. one who treasures love and knows how to safekeep it. who has a silly sense of humour and can crack silly and even obnoxious jokes, as well as enjoy them.

Should be an early bird, and capable of getting me out of the bed, not to mention getting me in bed too :D Emotionally stable but can throw tantrums once in a while. being free+inclined enough and self-conscious too, to take some carefree hours for her ownself are definite pre-requisites. Should be extremely frank and verbal about her needs, feelings as well as thoughts. should also actively respond to verbal and physical communications.

Talkative eyes, good hairs, captivating smile and a responsive body (any figure does fine) are a must- and should know how to use them i.e. should be flirtatious. should be a good cook, exotic cuisine is not a necessity. should be daring and a darling, both! any kind of hatred for mankind is unacceptable. should definitely be able to appreciate small beauties of nature and life.

Listening : Smash Mouth's - I'm a Believer. (coincidently!)

* W.I.F.E = Worries Invited For Ever !