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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Judge Me Please

And some serious (yes I know this is what I rarely am, but right now I AM!) personal talk before you go on:

- Meenu didi (1, 2) puts it (of course the taunt being towards me!), "insaan ko yeh haq hai ki khud ko samajhdaar samnjhe, but yeh haq nahi hai ki dusro ko bewakoof samjhe"! We all are idiosyncratic, stupids, duds at some or the other things; and so am I. log kya kahenge doesn't work for me. So pls. do not blame me if you read something outrageous, sarcastic, radical, prejudiced, et al. 'coz I am quite comfortable (and more so humble) with - who I am, about my fantasies, my weird problems & solutions, my sexuality, my sense of humour, my social needs! Hey but you gotta critique me! Any opinion is very much welcome :)

- My funda in life is, "people are never wrong in their own place". People do something 'coz they believe in it to be the right thing - hence nothing is neither right nor wrong. Respect existence of every idea; reflect on a few; accept fewer. So don't hate me for being out of place & radical. Just that you and I might be on a different plane of thinking.

- In the long run only intentions matter, not the words; life is all about how you interpret everything. We all are, but I am more deviant than you are!

- I know its human nature, I also do that but still jumping to opinions and passing judgments is something I hate a lot. Pls. at least spare me life before you get prejudiced and generalize something ABOUT ME! Don't take me on the face value, even though mostly it works with other people! Being down-to-earth and childish doesn't mean meek or stupid or ignorant!

- Last but not the least please do not be intimidated to curse me if you feel bad about anything - cursing is always good, and you have the right to free speech ;-) and I love being criticized! Beauty (and hate) are in the eyes of the beholder- that's you!



  • i will criticize you because you want to be criticized. and i am going to criticize you for that..for your want of validation.

    its good to write down things to get a reality check once in a while..but then if you think that by doing that you have achieved something then thats bad.

    wow. that was impressive.

    By Blogger satish, at Sunday, May 09, 2010 11:30:00 PM  

  • ...that's my boy.

    u lookperfectly normal.Then why criticize or curse??

    By Blogger vandy, at Tuesday, July 27, 2010 3:07:00 PM  

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