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Sunday, October 17, 2010

New house, yet again

self (frustrated): Where the **** is that notebook?
wifey dear (exclaiming): You packed it.
self (with questioning looks): So? You are supposed to track and remember things in this house!
wifey dear (giving up): Sheesh. Are you a kid?
self (childishly): Yeah!
wifey dear (finding the notebook for me): Now don't lose it and try remembering things once in a while.
self (aggressively): Aren't both your jobs in this house?!
wifey dear (taunting): Oh you won't improve ever.
self (whistling): Should have thought so before marrying me!

This is the sixth house in past three years (since I came to Noida). She says she feels nomadic since she got married ;-)

[Shameless clarification: No fault of mine! This time the landlord got it vacated within 4 months, because suddenly they wanted to shift! Before that I changed jobs. And before that we wanted to reduce my commute by more than 20 km.]

Sometimes we feel like supporting the families of some property dealers here in Noida! If you need some advice, I can talk endlessly about what to look for, and through whom. At least, till my memory is fresh. Oh wait, all of it will get revised in a few months anyway ;-)

PS: Incidentally I am listening to 3 doors down's Runaway right now. One of the most 'beautiful songs' I ever listened to!



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