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Friday, January 20, 2006

Skirting Around in Summers!

I am very fond of skirts! Nooo, not wearing them but of girls wearing them!!! But as such I have never had any particular choices when it comes to MY OWN clothes. So much so that even these days when I go shopping with parents (back at home) I always get some scolding in front of the shopkeeper :-(

Mumma : So, which piece do you like *beep* ? {that beep is my nickname at home!!!}

Me : Arre they all are so nice, I am kinda confused. Any one of them would be great to have.

Papa: But still let us know your own choice.

Me : Anything would do fine papa.

Didi : All of them are so good, still we cannot get all of them. Suggest which one is appealing to you.

Me : All appeal to me equally, take anything!

They : {mentally.. wtf?!?!?!}

. . . . silence . . . .

Me : C'mon its just a piece of cloth, anything 2 m long is sufficient to cover the body <hehehe... pardon my exaggeration but thats how I tell them - I am ALWAYS in a mood for a bad joke >:) >

They (in unison, to me) : What kinda guy are you? Guys your age are soo choosy; they have soo many nakhras, and you dont even have any choices. At least one should be having some choices in life. You seem to always go fine with whatever you are given; even fine if you are given nothing! Whats the matter with you? What wrong with you? Why are so weird?

They (in unison, to each other) : Lets make it quick and just go home. He does not even want to look good and is not gonna have any choices of his own. Lets take whatever we like and give it to him!

Me (to myself) : Yayy! Finally this commotion ends & I get a new dress from papa! (actually I can shop them myself, but I've rarely shopped clothes in mumbai!!!! I love getting them from papa :"> )

It would be so demeaning, to myself as a person, the day I would be needed to wear so-called good looking clothes to look good to others! To hell with that shirt and that trouser. My hard-washing habits and rough usage are anyways gonna leave them shabby in a year or two! Anyways, nothing is gonna go back home from 110 (thats my room!).

I just cannot be flashy :( Yes I hate myself for that but I cannot help - when it comes to showing off I somehow feel damn ignorant or shy or lacking or having no choices at all :O

I am all game for simple styles. While in some cases (like eating :D) exotic is the keyword to get me going, but with most other things simplicity is a killer for me!
Guess it was their simplicity and beauty that captivated me; have a look at these skirts yourselves. But the knee-length skirts look much prettier and cute :-) Oh between the skirts are modelled by Shweta Gupta, in Malad !!!


Edit: adding those pics here, to my account, I am skeptical of mid-day people removing them someday! (These pics probably are owned by those who got them done - Shoppers Stop in In Orbit Mall, Malad; and are done by Eva Talent).

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My 7 Sins!

I would want to confess something terrible here. If I sound gross please accept my thousand apologies. But then I ain't even writing here a post for you to read, I am feeling extremely guilty of committing of the deadly ones. And I am sure by now they would have already booked a place for me in the hell :

Ok Ok I am yet to do something so horrbily gross that I'll need to stand in some confession box begging God's mercy on my happy little life! But (of all 7 sins) I do plead guilty of SLOTH :-( Sorry camphor dear for taking this long to complete this tag. I hope you won't kill me and would cool off after breaking just a few bones;) But you wrote all that in angrezi, it took me all this while to figure it out and read that Rapidex thing ;-) Welll, actually I was dilly-dallying first and then it slipped my mind while killing soo much time during holidays and sleeping 12 hours a day :D You see, I am suffering for this disease where I forget things after a goodnight sleep *nail biting*

So here goes the tag thing :-)

7 things that I plan to do:
- publish my drafted posts soon ;)
- read, read and read some more.
- live a love-filled life. could be a short one! doesn't matter.
- do some kind of social work, sometime after passing out of college.
- write and compose a song and sing it to her, may be on her b'day or on our anniversary!!
- NOT to ever have a job that keeps me away from home/family in evenings or at night.

7 things that I can do:
- be a true friend to anyone who reciprocate back with the same committment!
- brain storming! I love looong looong cack sessions or to manage/decide/formulate POAs.
- play pranks! practical ones; can get really nasty; others bad that I get quite convincing too!
- kill time! I mean I can really kill time- doing things that do not count - don't even count towards wasted time; cannot even account as to where the hours went!
- wait! I can wait on people for hours without minding it! You got late - no problems! Always carry my bag and a book and something to eat in it :D
- sleep! When I gotta sleep I sleep - roommate or parents may get locked out till I've had my sleep. Even if the wingies 2-3 rooms down the corridor might feel vibrations in their stomach from the heavy metal playing on my speakers+woofers I can still be blissfully asleep!
- love! I can love immensely. Its like 'ek ka do, ek ka do' :D Whoever gives love gets double in return. As munnu bhaiyya opines, my love too isn't like a mobile balance, which gets exhausted once I dial someone! Its more like a response to incoming calls, toll free for all, 24/7.

7 things that I cann't do:
- cannot lie to her {how I wish, sometimes I could :P}
- moral policing! There are times when you wished you were the GOD to set the things right, but I believe in natural selection, junta's power, survival of the fittest and the most important gift to mankind that even gods cannot control - FREE WILL! (saw bruce almighty).... no matter what someone does and no matter how much power I have over the situation I never do moral policing.
- stop cursing people! Though I dont police them but I do curse them ;-) Just now someone left 2 loaves of bread in mess and I wished he'd die of hunger!!!!!! {oh well sounds pretty rude of me but visit the mess once- though food ain't good but its no excuse to waste it!}
- get along with liars! I just cannot tolerate habitual liars :-( Though the world is full of them and I am a big liar but not a habitual one. I hate those who lie out of habit rather than reason.
- stop preaching ;-) I'll always have something to tell you about how I feel about something... not really any advice for free but just some conversation. I love doing that and cannot refrain from it!
- cannot stop eating! I am self confessed foodacholic :D I love eating, I can eat day-in and day-out, as long as its got something junk about it or mumma's love its all mine- any time of the day/night! I have one funda in life, "Never to restrict myself from eating and be shameless when it comes to food". Dieting ain't the solution, later diet-management can be done or excess calories would be burned but while eating I have my full - i mean a fully satisfied mind not stomach ;-) Yes that means overeating dinners from mumma's kitchen!
- pretend! or rather I should say I cannot be cunning :( I've had my parents scolding me n number of times and having stumbled a lot more myself... I always say, fk this! I am not gonna be duped by foxy people anymore and again someone comes up and screws me :(( To tell you frankly I hate myself for not being the man who can sell the world!

7 words I use most often:
- wat the fuck?
- biatch.
- *beep* *beep* {well I ain't any beeper! I am saying it, but you aren't getting me ;-) }
- I am loving it! {yeahhh McDs people stole my words X( }
- Life is all about interpretations.
- Its life honey, live it! {that I tell to myself; the secret behind that ever smiling face :}

I wouldn't be passing the baton to anyone in particular. Whoever wants to take the tag can jump right in. Still I would like Vandy and Archana to volunteer for this tag >:) *wicked smile*

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some place only we know


If you are in concord and willing
to let this bench be a witness,
Of a never ending journey
of happy moments wrapped in sweetness.

All I ask for is that bench
your soothing words and a warm embrace,
A journey in time and space
Us alone, away from this rat race.

Not thru' this road leading nowhere
& neither as your beau.
Rather as a caring companion
To that magical place only we know!

And I've got all the minutes you want,
If you promise to take my hand
leading me to a place so grand
perhaps what they call as a heavenly land.

To a place where we talk and we listen
& our love, on each other, we bestow.
A place where I give you the best of all the worlds.
That place, which only I know, which only you know!

Inspiration : The photo above, from Archana's collection.
Location : lying around my room!