I Reckon Life

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dream Guy

"Since childhood every girl has some picture of her dream boy or prince charming in her mind. "How should he look like, what qualities should he have?”, and many more things. And they always believe that someone somewhere is definitely made for us.

I also have some expectations, some pictures in my mind about my soul mate. How he looks is not important to me but ‘does he love me or not’ is definitely the first and important thing that I would like to know. He may not be fair and handsome, but he should be smart enough. He should have a personality of his own. The one with such a charisma and character that people always get attracted towards him. But he should be intelligent and well educated too.

The one who cares for me as a small baby whenever needed and the one who corrects me whenever I am wrong, who scolds me for my mistakes, and praises me when I am right. The one whom I can respect and get the same from him also. The one who can speak his heart out to me and listens to me, without being defensive.

He should have a mind of his own and should not be afraid to voice his opinions. He should be confident enough physically as well as emotionally. The one who helps me to know myself more and more and the one who can control my anger, as when I am angry I am as bad as a lioness. The one with whom my chemistry, understanding ability should be such that when we are not together, still we can make out what would be going in the other person’s mind.

The main thing is he shouldn’t smoke and drink (not at all). He should be friendly to everyone. The one who asks me my desires and wants and never get offended by the truth.

He should pay the same respect to my parents as he has for his own parents. He shouldn’t be their son-in-law, but son. And be a big brother to my younger brothers. He himself should be residing with his parents, brothers and sisters, and not away from them.

Finally financial stability does matter. I am not seeking for a luxurious life, but a happy and comfortable life. He shouldn’t be hesitant while talking to me about his problems. How small it may be, doesn’t matter to me, it may be mentally, financially or physically or any other – he should discuss it with me.

Last but not the least he may not be perfect , but I want an imperfect person in a perfect way.

Its mind boggling and I am speechless!
I feel zapped out!